Campus Career Week

What is Campus Career Week?

Campus career week now have step to your future. Firstly, HCC with Campus university and college has Engagement & Employability Division have been set up in 2010 to those graduate student or prepared to work student to have job easily. In additional, it was geared towards students and graduates to preparedness for the world of work and We are committed in helping graduates to gain the necessary experience and knowledge for their future careers, along with the skills to identify opportunities and make the most of them.

Why Campus Career Week?

Human Capital Connection have create huge time of showcase and career fair at differences College and University. Why we have the motivation because Career Week gives students tools to help them channel academic power into career success. Campus career week is a chance to talk to employers about their companies, their graduate training programs, and the job market in general and interactive panel discussions and sharing sessions with alumni, staff, parents and industry professionals so student won’t feel unfamiliar.

How Campus Career Week?

The campus career week that organizer at campus is to gives students and potential employers the opportunity to meet, ask questions, and evaluate the potential of a strong career fit. Students are encouraged to prepare resumes and practice interviewing skills, so it was convenient to students and also gives students the opportunity to meet recruiters from companies like eBay, dell, AEON and others big company.


Let’s join us to have experience on the job introducing and effective in communicate skill. Contact us today to find out more information.